Sunday, March 6, 2016

What-What?! Week of March 6th

This week was long, and I didn't do much.  Work was pretty busy, since things are now getting fixed, which means things have to get tested to make sure that the fix actually fixed things (sometimes it doesn't) and that it didn't break anything else (sometimes it does).

Lego Myths

Recently, we've been watching old seasons of Mythbusters, which has been enjoyable, and something nice to watch with the kids.  This week, we watched the Youtube Special, which features a myth where a giant (seven foot diameter) Lego ball rolls down a street and into a car.  An edited version can be seen here:

So that evening after I got home, I challenged the kids to see who could make the best Lego ball.  We each made our own design (though poor Oz needed help, since his was just a square), then rolled them down the hallway to see who's would roll the farthest.  The husband won overall, but Ozzy got the award for toughest, since my ball hit his and left it completely unscathed.  This was a fun activity that got the kids thinking, and everyone had a good time.

Not Hiking

Yesterday, we were supposed to have people over, but then that fell through.  So we decided to go hiking...  But then we went to the park.

Whatever, we had fun anyway. :P

Mostly I took pictures of Osric, because he was the only kid who wanted to stay with me.
But sometimes other kids are snuggly too.
I love this picture because none of the children are looking at the camera.
Tried to take a picture of the plants... kind of sucked at it. :P

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