Sunday, May 1, 2016

What-What?! Week of May 1st

Happy May Day!

This week... could have gone better.  I was rear-ended on Monday morning going to work, and while it wasn't bad or anything, and the car is still fully functional, it sucks.  I love my Subaru, and now it is crunched. :(

Not too much else going on.  I spent most of the week at work coding, which was nice.  It's nice to fix problems, rather than just finding and examining them.

Other than that, the husband did some science with Ozzy:

A simple vinegar and baking soda reaction.  Ozzy was really excited!

Food Review:  Red Rose English Breakfast

Yesterday, we went to the grocery store and needed tea.  We saw this and were surprised; Red Rose has fancy teas?

So we got some.

And it's pretty much Red Rose fancy tea.  It tastes like the regular Red Rose, just a bit different.  Not too different, but then English Breakfast is a pretty basic black tea to begin with.  Delicious with some Biscoff cookies; we'll probably be buying this one again.

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