Sunday, June 26, 2016

What-What?! Week of June 26th

Had a pretty good week.

Yesterday, I bought Ozzy new sandals, because he literally wore holes into his old ones:
He is completely enamored by his R2D2 shoes.  Yesterday afternoon, he taped the tag (a picture of storm trooper) onto his shirt and we pretended to be a storm troopers.

Strawberry Picking at Biringer Farm

Last Sunday, we went to Biringer Farm in Arlington to pick strawberries and see their strawberry festival.  Everyone had an excellent time, though everyone also came home with shoes covered in mud. xP

The goods!  About 4 and a half pounds or so.

We rode in a trailer out to the fields.  Kids had a good time with this.

Raspberry bushes -- we didn't pick these, but they certainly looked delicious!
Saffron picking.
And the husband.
Corwin did pick strawberries, but for some reason, I don't have any pictures of him doing it.  We had to tell him to stop eating strawberries, because he kept eating "just one more".

Every single berry that Osric picked was "the most perfect strawberry".

The big field next to us.

"Mom!  Take my picture!"

It was a lovely day.

Afterwards, we had a small picnic, and played on their playground.

By that time, the festival was getting started, so we took the kids to see the alpacas and chickens, the kites (they had professional kite flyers, because that's a thing, apparently), and they all had pony rides.  Osric wasn't sure about it (even though he demanded to be on the biggest of the horses!), so I walked along side.  At first, he wouldn't smile at all, but after a few minutes, he was all big smiles and laughing.

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