Sunday, June 5, 2016

What-What?! Week of June 5th

Osric's arm is doing better.  He finally started actually using his arm again last Tuesday, though it wasn't until I actually wrestled the splint off him on Wednesday that he really started using it.  Now he's back to normal.  So that's good.

Lake Goodwin Park

Last Sunday, on a whim, we headed out to Lake Goodwin, which is maybe a 15 minute drive from our house.  It's a lovely park with a playground, boat launch, and wading area.  We didn't go wading this time, but most likely will in the future.

A view across to the near side of the lake.

Across to the far side.  It's a big lake.

Looking at the ducks:

There were a ton of ducklings, all going 'peep, peep!'

This big climbing thing was pretty fun.  The husband climbed all the way to the top.

There was also a big firetruck thing to climb and play on.  I thought I took a picture of the outside of it, but apparently not.

Last weekend, the husband and I also put together a big World of Warcraft Mega Blocks set:
Corwin built the catapult, though.
It has been played with a lot.

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