Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Weekly What-What?! Week of July 17th

This weekend, we're just sitting around at home, basically.  Went shopping at Kohl's yesterday, went for a walk and caught some Pokémon, and generally watched the children play outside.

Yes, there is an extra kid there -- the neighbor's son.  Our kids live in their yard, and their kid lives in ours.  They play together nearly every day.

Skagit Highland Games

Last weekend, we went to the Skagit Highland Games, which was good fun.  We saw the sheepdog trails and other competitions (mostly throwing heavy things), as well as dancing, music, and shopping.

Unfortunately, I didn't think to take pictures until we got to the children's tent... where there was a fire engine:

Corey figured out how to get one of the cubbies open on the back of the engine, which the children were not supposed to do.

In the cab of the fire truck.

 Building a castle!  This was a pretty cool playset -- the wooden castle walls fit together with pegs, and can be re-configured various ways.
 At the craft tent -- Saffron and Corwin made their own paper shields.  Saffron also practiced weaving on a loom they had set up, and made her own clan Robertson button:

Afterwards, we headed over to the playground just outside the Highland Games.  Saffron and two little girls played together -- one of them was from a dance schools that was there, and gave them a demonstration.

Altogether, we had a good time.  It's not as big or as busy as the Pleasanton games back in California, but a good time nonetheless.  We joined the Celtic Arts Foundation that runs event, so we'll probably go to other events throughout the year, too.

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