Sunday, July 24, 2016

What-What?! Week of July 24th

This week we did nothing.

I have spent the past two weeks at work embroiled in upgrading our codebase to be compatible with PHP 7, which has meant a lot of testing/fixing/retesting over and over.  I think everyone in the department was tired and done with it -- we've basically been working on this in addition to all the normal stuff (customer and inter-departmental support, urgent bug fixes, etc.), and it has just been a slog.  I could tell by the end that the developers were all getting tired and hurried, because they were starting to make mistakes -- I think every single developer committed a syntax error or other basic mistake last week.

But Friday we released it all.  So it's done, and we can all do something else now.

Yesterday, we took the kids to our neighbor's birthday party.  our kids had a good time playing with everyone, the big kids got temporary tattoos, and the boys played a squirt gun game over and over (they had to knock down some mini-cups with water).  One of the other guests also brought a tiny puppy, which was a huge hit.  So far I haven't heard any "can we get a puppy?" whining, but I'm sure it's coming. :P

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