Sunday, July 31, 2016

What-What?! Week of July 31st

Another slow weekend...

It's been pretty warm here this past week, so yesterday while we were at the store, we bought the kids squirt guns:

Gettin' ready!

On the hunt.  In this picture, you can also see our squash plants (far left), which we've started harvesting from.  Osric and Saffron like the squash, Corwin doesn't care for it much.  I like it plenty, especially breaded and fried. :P

We also bought Ozzy another pair of (Star Wars) sandals -- he killed the last ones in about a month.  These ones are a different style, so hopefully they last longer.  Apparently being worn for hours everyday by a little boy is hard on shoes.

He let me put his hair up in a ponytail yesterday, which made him look a lot like my sister, in my opinion:

We went for a walk, too.

And one more:

So cute!

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