Sunday, August 28, 2016

What-What?! Week of August 28th

This week was extremely busy; the husband's mother came to visit, and we hit up the beach, and we've baked and sewed and crocheted all kinds of stuff.  Not all of it is going to fit in this post -- probably beach pictures will wait until next week.

While my mother-in-law was visiting, she and the husband took the kids to the Freedom of Flight Air museum in the south part of Seattle (might properly be Tukwila?).  It sounds like they had a really great time, and the place is so packed with things to do and look at, they only made it through a small portion of the collection.
Learning about the V-2 rocket.

I think this is an original space suit?

Learning about Apollo 11.

Tons and tons of airplanes everywhere, of course.

Saffron posing with a replica Wright Flyer -- this was one of her favorite things to see.

The kids area had a lot of great things to climb into and explore.

The tiniest helicopter!

Saffron gets an idea how the controls on a plane work.


The air traffic control tower looks really cool.  It had a radio where you could listen to the live traffic going on.

Air Force One, conveniently near the parking lot.

Leaving Air Force One before heading home.

Next time, I hope to go with.  Seems like there's a lot of cool stuff to see.  There's also a reserve collection in Everett, which is far closer -- might go to that one sooner rather than later.

Next week, pictures from the beach!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Art Thursday -- August 25th

"A Girl in Paris"
A little girl going to school -- you can see her house on the left side, and the rest of town on the right.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

What-What?! Week of August 21st

This week, pictures from the garden!

But first, some kid standing around in the backyard.

 The kids sunflowers are starting to bloom.  This one, not so much...

 But Corwin's is coming along nicely.
We weeded the garden again, and picked our second harvest of radishes.
The kids and the neighbor's boy all took the radish tops over to the fence-line, where the rabbits live.

 The next day, Corwin's sunflower had bloomed WAY more:

Oh, yeah, and our cucumbers are coming along nicely:
These guys seemed to have appeared overnight, almost.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Art Thursday -- August 18th

"A Scene in the Palace"
I thought this is an interesting picture because the four cats all have different poses.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

What-What?! Week of August 14th

This week was actually pretty uneventful, for as much stuff as happened.  We got new windows on the house on Wednesday, which is nice because now it's hot.  And the heat can just stay outside.

Today, the husband and I are going to work on repairing some of the stuff that was broken when the windows were put in.  The window ledges in the kitchen and bathroom were tiled, but the tile had to be removed.  After thinking it over, I'm probably not going to put tile back in the kitchen, but the bathroom definitely needs it.

Wednesday, we took the kids to the dentist, then out to breakfast.  After breakfast, we decided to go to the park down the street.  It's a park with two lakes, but we noticed that one of the lakes was fenced off and closed to the public.  Then we saw why; model boat racing!

Unfortunately, I don't have any close-up pictures of the model boats, but they looked like conventional full-size racing boats, just a lot smaller.  Pretty darn cool.

Other than that, not a lot going on.  We went to the gaming store in Lynnwood yesterday, and bought a bunch of games on account of their special $5 sale; the husband sat down and played one with the kids last night where the object of the game is to make potions.  Seems like a good game.

Then we went to the Lynnwood mall, which has the Lego store and the American Girl store.  We pretty much never go to any of the other stores there -- just those two.  Those stores are also way, way more busy then the entire rest of the mall.  Go figure why.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Art Thursday -- August 11th

Saffron's been into pokemon lately, so this is a picture of ninetails (a nine-tailed fox pokemon) and her pokemon trainer.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

What-What?! Week of August 7th

Yesterday, we took the kids to the park for a picnic!

It was overcast, after being sunny all week.  What the heck, weather? D:<

Lunchables and juice packets -- the classic.

I can't get over the name Sigmund D. Stormo.  Sounds like an absolute villain, twirly mustache and all.

The husband being himself.  I cut his hair shorter last week, so now it's this adorable poof.  He's wearing Saffron's Hogwarts scarf.

Corey was so happy to have climbed up this far.  I was trying to get him to smile, but all he would do was make that face.

Saffron made it all the way up.

Then we went to the thrift store and bought Ozzy a scooter.

And we went to Target and bought all three kids hats.

This coming week, we're getting new windows on the house, and taking the kids to the dentist.  Super excited for the windows -- should help keep our house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.