Sunday, September 25, 2016

What-What?! Week of September 25th

My parents are visiting, and we have been busy!  I have a million, billion pictures -- too many to post today.  Probably going to post some today, and more next week.

Nordic Heritage Museum

Take a nice picture of the kids?  Never!

Thursday, we headed to the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle.  I'd been interested in going for a while now, and it was pretty cool.  There was tons ant tons of stuff to look at, and I feel like we could go back a few times still and see new things.

There were lots of boats, of course.

And a whole lot of vignettes of various stores, barns, and houses, showing how people lived.

Sprinkled through, there were items for the kids to look at and play with.

"Big Jake" the policeman, and a news article about him, showing his size in relation to a regular-sized woman.

The logging area.

Playing with a Dala Horse.

The top floor had a Lego display with renditions of various myths and historical scenes.

Corwin, being a troll.

Playing with Legos at the museum.  This kept him busy for quite a while.

I will post more pictures next week...

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