Sunday, September 4, 2016

What-What?! Week of September 4th

Last weekend, we went to the Mukilteo Lighthouse and played at the beach there.
View of the ferry from the lighthouse area.

Ozzy refused to be in the picture with everyone else.

The lighthouse itself.

Some history.

There was a giant triangle that all the kids rang.  It was horrendously loud.

Then we went and played at the beach.

Building some sand castles -- these were more like mounds, since the sand here was very rocky, it didn't keep it's shape well at all.

The kids all had a good time, though.

Building stuff with Osric.

There was a rock out in the water that both the big kids stood on.

This is a great picture of Oz pouring sand on Saffron's foot.

There's also a playground at the beach, too -- so we had to play there as well. :)

A big totem out in the parking lot.

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