Sunday, October 30, 2016

What-What?! Week of October 30th

Yesterday was Saffron's birthday!  She is now nine.  My goodness.

She has a Dungeons & Dragons themed birthday party, which was pretty fun to put together.  A lot of it came about last-minute the night before -- the two of us sitting around saying " know what would be cool?".

I made a picture of a beholder, to play "pin the eye on the beholder" with.  This was totally inspired by the husband's D&D birthday many years ago, with the beholder piñata.

The husband and I also made a treasure chest, for her presents.

And we made a mimic -- a creature that looks like a real object (a crate, in this instance), but is actually a man-eating monster, waiting for someone to come by.

Playing with it in the mirror. :P

Ozzy insisted on getting a picture of him with his "claws".

All the kids had a good time playing pin the eye on the beholder:

We then defeated the mimic, by throwing "magic missiles" at it.  Saffron took out a tooth on her first throw:

The neighbor's boy pinned his tongue to the floor!

The husband made her gold coin rice crispy treats -- covered in gold sprinkles.  These were delicious.

Saffron got a ton of presents, including Legos:

(It feels like Saffron's breaking the 4th wall in this picture).

The husband and I got here a giant jar full of craft items, and a HUGE Playmobil zoo set:

She also got a learn to crochet set, and some books (one on Norse gods, the other one a fiction piece by Neil Gaiman).

Overall, it was a good day. :)

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