Sunday, November 6, 2016

What-What?! Week of November 6th

More Halloween stuff!

We did pumpkins this year:
Drawing designs on the pumpkins... Corwin did an angry face.

Saffron did the happiest pumpkin.

And Ozzy drew a crazy face on his... then insisted that daddy not cut it out at all.  He only wanted the top cut off his pumpkin.  So that's what we did.


Ta-DA!  We left the top off Ozzy's so you could see some light coming out of it.

Halloween night -- this is after we finally got home from work.  I took the husband and kids with me, because there was a Halloween party that day at work, and families were invited.  So the husband hung out with the kids and took them to the movies, then came back to work for the party.  Ozzy won the kid's costume contest with his Blue Ninja outfit, but all the kids had a good time playing and hanging out.

Saffron went as a dryad -- she sewed all the leaves onto her shirt herself!

Corwin was a bat, with a bat mask.

And Ozzy was a blue ninja -- he did have a mask, but chose not to wear it.  It took a lot of tries to get a good picture of him, since he insisted that he stand on one leg and pose.

Kids got a lot of good candy -- we didn't get too many trick or treaters this year, but that's okay.  We bought full-size candy bars from Costco, so it's not like we don't want to eat them. :P

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