Sunday, December 31, 2017

What-What?! Week of December 31st

Happy New Year!

I have about a million pictures from Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, we let the kids open one present each (in the afternoon, so they'd have time to play):

Osric opened up a Playmobil set.

Saffron got a My Little Pony doll set.

Corwin opened up a Star Wars AT-AT toy.

The husband opened a video game (Diablo III), and I also got a video game (Okami)

I don't seem to have any other pictures from Christmas Eve -- we had ham, Yorkshire pudding, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce for dinner.  We're still eating ham.

A photo after "Santa" visited -- very quickly ran out of space under the tree...

We had a white Christmas -- a good 2-3 inches of snow.

The husband made cinnamon rolls for breakfast -- yum!

And then... presents!

The big kids both started reading their books after they were done opening presents.

This is the book Corwin got -- it's a pretty cute story, and very much up is alley.  When he gets a bit older, I think he'll enjoy the show a lot.

I found these Playmobil Ghostbusters sets on Amazon, and picked one up for each of the kids.  In total, we now have a Staypuft Marshmallow Man set, a Slimer hotdog stand set, and a Demon Dog set.

In the afternoon, we went out to play in the snow.

Getting snowballs ready.

Our conical snowman -- he lasted a good 3 days or so.

Playing with the neighbors.

I also got a puzzle with birdies -- only 500 pieces, but pretty hard because half the pieces are green and yellow.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

What-What?! Week of December 24th

Happy Christmas!

It is COOLD outside.  We've been seeing lows in the mid-low 20s, and it should snow this evening.

Not too much else going on here; we played D&D again yesterday and killed some hobgoblins.  The husband and I are sick and pretty miserable still -- we caught whatever Corwin had last week.

Today's plans are to sit around at home and do as close to nothing as possible; I plan on playing games, doing some cooking in preparation for Christmas dinner, and maybe even watching TV.

Hope all you out there have a good Christmas too.  We'll be sending you packages with gifts as soon as we're feeling better. :) <3

Sunday, December 17, 2017

What-What?! Week of December 17th

Yesterday was Corwin's birthday!  He's eight now, and was very excited for his big day.

In the morning, the husband got out this Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Game, which we had picked up one day from Goodwill:

It's a super-simplified D&D system, and pretty perfect for the kids.  Osric still needs a grownup to help him through the rules, but Saffron and Corwin were able to navigate the game with just a few reminders.

Saffron had a rogue, Corwin a cleric, Osric a fighter, and I played the wizard.  The first adventure is nice and short; we had to go save a unicorn from a band of goblins.  Funny enough, one of the biggest challenges was getting through the front door.  After several attempts to pick the lock and push down the door, we eventually just tore it to pieces.

Trying to open the door -- this roll mattered!

Rolling dice!

Learning to read the character sheet.

In the afternoon, we did presents and cake.  Corwin seems very happy with his presents; he's already put together two of the Lego sets, and he's working on the third one as a type now.  The Aquaman Lego set he got comes with glow in the dark pieces, which are a big hit.
Surveying the selection

He enjoyed the card

And the money -- though he hasn't spent it yet...

The husband picked Corwin up a set of Magic cards

He was way more excited about these than I was expecting -- these are the three most recent graphic novels in a series that he's been reading.  Corwin was so excited that he went over to specifically show his dad what he got.

We also bought him a model kit -- it's a snap together Star Wars AT-ACT walker (cargo AT-AT).

This was his face when I told him that the legs actually move -- from the reviews of it, it sounds like the model is rugged enough to survive some play.  Hopefully that is the case for him.

Then we did cake!  The cake itself could have gone better; shortly after I finished frosting it, the marshmallow filling started to ooze out.  It was still delicious, and not too oozy when we took pictures, but still.  I guess marshmallow needs to be reinforced with some powdered sugar or something...
He chose to decorate his cake with his very own Lego creations --  some heroes fighting a monster.

This year, we got him sparkler candles, which were pretty cool.

They were hard to put out though

At this point, he was starting to laugh because the ones he had blown out kept relighting

Just two left!  He got these ones out.

Eating cake -- this was good!

NOM NOM NOM, tasty!

Later, the husband and Corwin looked through his new Magic cards.

And Corwin worked on his Legos.

For dinner, we hit up a local pizza place called Mod Pizza -- each of the kids got to have their own individual pizza with custom toppings.  Corwin had what I'm calling "the meatlover's Hawaiian" -- it had pineapple, pepperoni, salami, and Italian sausage.  The husband had their "Caspian" pizza, which is a BBQ sauce pizza -- a little weird.  The rest of us had more normal fair.  Overall, very tasty as well!