Sunday, January 29, 2017

What-What?! Week of January 29th

Posting late today, because I went and bought a car.

It's a 1997 Ford Expedition.  And it is HUGE.

It looks like this, except not a stock photo.

We wound up with this rather than an Explorer or anything smaller, because we've had a heck of a time finding something we could afford, fits all the kids in their booster seats, and isn't a total piece of garbage.  Many of the medium size SUVs simply don't have a large enough bench seat in the back for the three booster seats, or they have very awkward third row seating (I'm looking at you, Ford Explorer).  All of the minivans we looked at in our price range had been trashed, and most had questionable reputations in terms of dependability anyway.

I would love have loved to buy another Subaru, but the only options with third row seating is the 2017 Forester or the Tribeca.  Even the used Tribecas are pretty expensive and hard to find.

So we're going to do this for now.  We got a good deal on it, and I'm really pleased with the place we bought it from.  I expect in a few years, we'll be on to something different.  That's okay.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

What-What?! Week of January 22nd

And everyone's still sick!  Well, recovering, but still not feeling great.  Corwin is pretty well back to normal, but Saffron and Ozzy are still super, super tired.  We took the family to Target yesterday and needed to buy Corwin some new shoes.  While we were shopping for Corwin, Saffron actually fell asleep sitting in one of the benches in the shoe area.  Then last night, Ozzy started begging us to get him ready for bed starting at 6:30pm.  That is so early.  Poor babies.  Here's hoping they start feeling better this coming week.

TV Show: Just Add Magic

This is an Amazon Original show that Saffron and I started watching while we were sick.  The show follows middle school-age Kelly and her two best friends, who discover an old cookbook with very unusual recipes -- magic recipes!  Kelly's grandmother is suffering from some sort of illness, which seems to have some connection to magic and the history of the book.  Kelly and her friends decide that to help Kelly's grandmother, they need to learn more about magic, and they learn by doing.  As you can imagine, hijinks ensue.

My experience with Amazon Original shows is that they tend to have good production values, but the writing and acting are a little lackluster.  This show is no exception.  However, because this is a kids' show starring children, I think it's totally in-line with what I'd expect -- it certainly feels like something I would have watched as a kid.  I think the characters are approachable and not obnoxious, the mysteries are interesting enough, and the stories themselves are relatable to the target audience.

We haven't yet made it through the first season, but I definitely plan on finishing the show based on what we've seen so far.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

What-What?! Week of January 15th

This week was a disaster, too.  I've been pretty sick with something I caught from work -- was running a 103.4 degree fever on Thursday.  So basically, I've just been sitting around for the last three days.

Unfortunately, it's pretty well ruined any plans we had for this weekend and last week.  I had intended to go to the library sale yesterday, meet with a freelance client today, and probably do some car shopping... but now, probably none of those things are happening.  The husband and Corwin are now both sick, too, so we'll be starting on all of that.

Lots and lots of chicken soup.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

What-What?! Week of January 8th

Not much happenin' this week.

We went and saw a car last week, and contacted a few more people, but so far no luck in actually finding something we want to buy.  Our car had a massive fit on Wednesday, so I worked from home Thursday and Friday while the car was in the shop.  Unfortunately, the shop didn't find anything wrong with our car... still.  There is something going on with it, but it will never act up after it's gone to the shop, so it's impossible to figure out.  We now have a giant list of things they've checked, and I'm at the point of fiddling around with some parts myself.  Gonna start with resetting the ECU (main computer), and if that doesn't do it... check the ground for the ECU, then maybe replace the upstream oxygen sensor, then clean the MAP sensor, then replace the MAP sensor... and so on. :[

Yesterday, the husband and I went through the closet in Saffron's room, going through all the boxes of books that we haven't gotten out in a good while.  A lot of those are going either to the thrift store, or to eBay.

Other than that, not too much.  This next week, my boss comes back from vacation, which is nice because work has been so dead.  I have been so bored, even working on projects and bugs.  Hoping to spend this week putting out fires, then get on with something more exciting.

'Til next week!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

What-What?! Week of January 1st

Happy New Year!

Now on to the Christmas pictures!

This Christmas my middle sister, her boyfriend, and their dog came to visit.  I haven't seen this sister in about 2 and a half years, and had missed her terribly.  It was a good time of playing games, hanging out, and generally lazing around.  The dog did very good with the children, though after the first day, we had to tell the kids to leave the dog alone more -- it's not that they were being mean or anything, but the dog obviously needed more sleep than he got on the first day.

This year, I helped Saffron and Osric make some new Christmas ornaments.  They embroidered a tree onto some small pieces of aida cloth, then I mounted their work on a piece of cardboard.  Saffron did hers entirely by herself, while Ozzy made his with a bit of help at the very beginning.  They had both been watching me do cross stitch before, so they understood the gist of it.

Saffron's ornament.

Osric's ornament.

We managed to have a white Christmas this year, which the kids and dog enjoyed:
Shown: One kid, no dogs.  Ah well.


This year marked the first that the big kids put together their Lego sets almost entirely by themselves.  They are getting to be so big.

Ozzy got a lot of great presents this year.  His Darth Maul guy and the Playmobil ambulance have played together a lot...

The kids also got bicycles!  Saffron was the most excited, since she had actually been asking for one.  They haven't spent very much time riding them, since it has been snowy and freezing.  We need to go pick them up some helmets, too.

Ozzy's super hero toys and his Play-do Death Star have been a good time.

This was the present that we forgot to wrap, which is why it still have clearance stickers.  It's a Girl Scout cookie oven, which Saffron begged us for.

We had a great Christmas, and are looking forward to the next year.  We're planning on buying a second car, going camping, visiting home, and lots more.  I am looking forward to it.