Sunday, January 1, 2017

What-What?! Week of January 1st

Happy New Year!

Now on to the Christmas pictures!

This Christmas my middle sister, her boyfriend, and their dog came to visit.  I haven't seen this sister in about 2 and a half years, and had missed her terribly.  It was a good time of playing games, hanging out, and generally lazing around.  The dog did very good with the children, though after the first day, we had to tell the kids to leave the dog alone more -- it's not that they were being mean or anything, but the dog obviously needed more sleep than he got on the first day.

This year, I helped Saffron and Osric make some new Christmas ornaments.  They embroidered a tree onto some small pieces of aida cloth, then I mounted their work on a piece of cardboard.  Saffron did hers entirely by herself, while Ozzy made his with a bit of help at the very beginning.  They had both been watching me do cross stitch before, so they understood the gist of it.

Saffron's ornament.

Osric's ornament.

We managed to have a white Christmas this year, which the kids and dog enjoyed:
Shown: One kid, no dogs.  Ah well.


This year marked the first that the big kids put together their Lego sets almost entirely by themselves.  They are getting to be so big.

Ozzy got a lot of great presents this year.  His Darth Maul guy and the Playmobil ambulance have played together a lot...

The kids also got bicycles!  Saffron was the most excited, since she had actually been asking for one.  They haven't spent very much time riding them, since it has been snowy and freezing.  We need to go pick them up some helmets, too.

Ozzy's super hero toys and his Play-do Death Star have been a good time.

This was the present that we forgot to wrap, which is why it still have clearance stickers.  It's a Girl Scout cookie oven, which Saffron begged us for.

We had a great Christmas, and are looking forward to the next year.  We're planning on buying a second car, going camping, visiting home, and lots more.  I am looking forward to it.

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