Sunday, January 8, 2017

What-What?! Week of January 8th

Not much happenin' this week.

We went and saw a car last week, and contacted a few more people, but so far no luck in actually finding something we want to buy.  Our car had a massive fit on Wednesday, so I worked from home Thursday and Friday while the car was in the shop.  Unfortunately, the shop didn't find anything wrong with our car... still.  There is something going on with it, but it will never act up after it's gone to the shop, so it's impossible to figure out.  We now have a giant list of things they've checked, and I'm at the point of fiddling around with some parts myself.  Gonna start with resetting the ECU (main computer), and if that doesn't do it... check the ground for the ECU, then maybe replace the upstream oxygen sensor, then clean the MAP sensor, then replace the MAP sensor... and so on. :[

Yesterday, the husband and I went through the closet in Saffron's room, going through all the boxes of books that we haven't gotten out in a good while.  A lot of those are going either to the thrift store, or to eBay.

Other than that, not too much.  This next week, my boss comes back from vacation, which is nice because work has been so dead.  I have been so bored, even working on projects and bugs.  Hoping to spend this week putting out fires, then get on with something more exciting.

'Til next week!

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