Sunday, February 26, 2017

What-What?! Week of February 26th

Nope, still not doing anything.  Work has been taking up a huge amount of my energy the last couple of weeks -- we don't have any projects in-process, but I've been working with another developer on something that's been very difficult to get right.

Other than that, not much.  The husband and I went out on a date last night -- we didn't really do anything then, either.  We had decided that we didn't want to drive very far, since last time we drove out to Edmonds, and the time spent driving wasn't worth what we did there.  We went and walked around the outlet stores and saw what was there -- it's very similar to the Gilroy outlets, but just a bit different.  The Hello Kitty outlet in Gilroy is way nicer than the Anime outlet up here.

After that, we went to a local Thai restaurant, which was just alright.  I had the Pad Thai -- unfortunately, it was way too sweet and didn't have enough vegetables.  The husband had Thai Basil Chicken, which was much better in terms of the balance of flavors and textures.  Overall, just okay.  There are a few other choices nearby, and next time we want Thai food, we'll probably try one of them instead.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

What-What?! Week of February 19th

Somehow it's the middle of February now.  Actually, I guess since there's only 10 more days left, it's like two-thirds of the way through the month.

The Sad Tale of the Matchbox

Recently, I read an article about a famous children's book in Germany, Der Struwwelpeter (Slovenly Peter).  Apparently, Mark Twain translated the book for his children while he was stuck in Berlin in 1891.  The poems direct translation into English is fairly dry, but you add in the wit of Twain, and they become fantastic examples of dark humor.  My favorite right now is called "The Sad Tale of the Matchbox" -- available to read here, from (pdf link) -- I strongly suggest reading it aloud.  Twain's use of rhyme and language turns a very serious, sad story into hilarity.  I need to dig up copies of the rest of the poems, but haven't made the time yet.

Otherwise, we're just goin' along...

Sunday, February 12, 2017

What-What?! Week of February 12th

Last weekend, Saffron and I got out her Girl Scout Cookie Oven and made some cookies!  We made Thin Mints, which turned out not a ton like the regular Girl Scout cookie, but were delicious anyway.

The water is added using a syringe, which was pretty interesting.


Putting them in the oven...

Then waiting...

Putting them on a plate to cool.

Covering them in mint chocolate.


Sunday, February 5, 2017

What-What?! Week of February 5th

I can't believe it's already February!  Feels like it should still be January.

Not too much goin' on.  My Subaru is still broken -- and has been in the shop since Thursday.  After having it in numerous times, it finally acted up while the tech was looking at it.  Finally got some codes out of the car, and it's looking like the throttle sensor and the idle air sensor are both bad.  From my reading of other Subarus with similar problems, the throttle sensor is right on target.  Idle air sensor sounds pretty likely, too.  So that'll be expensive to fix, but hopefully does it.  I've read about some people with similar problems that have swapped out a lot of different parts, only to still have the issue remain.

Hopefully that is not my experience.

This week, my middle sister sent me a new coat:

It's made my ModCloth and features floral embroidery, Chinese-style frog closures, and side-slit pockets (important, because some women's coats still don't have pockets).

The lining can only be described as extremely pink.  It's also quite warm, which is perfect for the weather we've had around here lately.