Sunday, February 19, 2017

What-What?! Week of February 19th

Somehow it's the middle of February now.  Actually, I guess since there's only 10 more days left, it's like two-thirds of the way through the month.

The Sad Tale of the Matchbox

Recently, I read an article about a famous children's book in Germany, Der Struwwelpeter (Slovenly Peter).  Apparently, Mark Twain translated the book for his children while he was stuck in Berlin in 1891.  The poems direct translation into English is fairly dry, but you add in the wit of Twain, and they become fantastic examples of dark humor.  My favorite right now is called "The Sad Tale of the Matchbox" -- available to read here, from (pdf link) -- I strongly suggest reading it aloud.  Twain's use of rhyme and language turns a very serious, sad story into hilarity.  I need to dig up copies of the rest of the poems, but haven't made the time yet.

Otherwise, we're just goin' along...

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