Sunday, March 12, 2017

What-What?! Week of March 12th

I forgot it's Daylight Savings, that archaic event that we, for some reason, still enact each spring.

Masochism, I suspect.


The Lego Batman Movie

Yesterday, we took the family to go see Lego Batman.

The children generally liked it -- the two boys especially.  Saffron thought that it wasn't as good as the original Lego Movie, but overall was still pretty good.

The husband and I enjoyed probably the first two-thirds of the film of the best.  I thought a lot of the lead-up and explanation were hilarious -- there were tons of great scenes with nods to other Batman films and comics.  The ending of the film was a let down -- in my opinion, some of it is exactly like watching the Lego Movie again.  There's also a plot hole, which I will not reveal.  But it's there, and it's highlighted by the ending, too.  That in particular is disappointing -- I've watched enough Lego-related made for TV films and TV shows that I know they can be excellent at continuity... they just forgot that when they made this film. xP

By far, though, the most irritating thing to me about the entire film was not the plot hole, not the Lego Movie ending, it was everyone's smartphones -- they are all very largely branded with the Apple logo.  I don't have an example of this, since none of the promo images I can find show it, but it is so obvious.  It honestly makes me think a lot less of Lego.  My kids don't need to see that branding, I don't need to see that branding -- it's obvious what those items are even without branding.  I know Lego has been making tons of money recently.  How much did Apple pay them?  Do they really need the money from Apple?

Overall, not a bad movie.  I did enjoy the most of it, and the children liked it.  Not sure this will be one that we buy, though.

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