Sunday, May 14, 2017

What-What?! Week of May 14th

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! <3

Last Sunday was Osric's birthday -- his fifth!  He's getting so big now.

This year, we decided to just do a quiet family-only thing.  The husband and I were just not feeling like hosting a party.

We did things in a different order than usual; starting with presents, so that he'd have more time to play with them before having to go to bed or whatever.
He was excited to get started. :)

He got a bunch of different things like a paint set, Legos (including Star Wars and Angry Birds, his favorites), an apple slicer, a book (Too Much Noise by Ann McGovern), and some little toys from his siblings.

He had requested the same cake as Daddy's birthday, so I made a German Chocolate Cake again, decorated with blueberries.  I made the frosting pink at Ozzy's request.

Target sells these mini-piñatas, and the kids begged for one... so we bought one.  It was a tough little sucker, though -- took the husband beating on it to finally get it to break.

Corwin getting lost. xP

Osric was able to put together the Lego sets pretty much by himself...

Thought Corwin kept a watchful eye, too.

Osric has enjoyed using his paint set, here making a picture with a tree.

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