Sunday, May 28, 2017

What-What?! Week of May 28th

The three-day weekend has totally thrown me for a loop.  I thought it was Saturday again, so I got busy coding, rather than writing a blog post. xP

Last weekend, the husband and I replaced the upstream O2 sensor in the Subaru.  After paying someone else to replace a million different other expensive parts, we decided to do this ourselves.  Unfortunately, getting to the sensor in this engine was anything but fun.  It involved being shoulder deep in the engine, in a teeny, tiny space.  And then having to move a wrench around in there.

You can almost kind of see the hole in the shade there.

Husband with arm in car.  I kept getting my hand stuck -- by the time we were done, I had collected several bruises on my arm (from the engine), and my legs (from leaning on the car).

But we did eventually get it done, and the car has seemed better since then.  We've done this thing before, though, so I'm waiting for a month without issue before deciding that the car is actually fixed.

After that, we took the kids to a  park.  Normally we'd go to Lake Goodwin park, but the parking lot was literally full, so we headed to a different park near the northwest side of the lake.  It was pretty nice, though more of a boating/picnic spot than anything.  The playground was very small, and not a lot to do.

We did see some bowl-shaped mushrooms, though.

And Ozzy harnessed the power of static electricity!

My big cutie <3

And my middle one, pointing.  Corey doesn't sit still for long, so hard to get good pictures of him.

Ready for his close-up!

This weekend, we put a new alternator in the truck, painted the door (just white, not exciting), and will go hiking still.

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