Sunday, June 11, 2017

What-What?! Week of June 11th

Old Robe Canyon Trail

On Memorial Day weekend, we went hiking through part of Robe Canyon; this scenic location up in the mountains once housed a railroad and settlement servicing the Monte Cristo mine, now abandoned for over 100 years.  We didn't go too far into the canyon, because the trail conditions were a little dicey in places -- we hit this point where we needed to climb across several large downed trees to go on, and since we'd been hiking for a while already, we turned back.  Farther on from where we stopped, you can walk along the original railroad ties, and through some of the tunnels dug for the trains.

"Mom, are you coming?" -- This is at the top of the trail.  From here, you go down several switchbacks into the canyon itself.

Moss and lichen on everything, of course.  The standard for a Washington hike. xP

Where it was sunny, the forest was beautiful.

There were lots of downed trees everywhere throughout here -- some across the trail, others, like this one, just to either side of it.

Perfectly healthy looking, red-colored water next to the trail.  With the mining history here, I would not go splashing around in this stuff.

This is called Scouring Rush, which is actually a spore-type plant.

The Stillaguamish river runs next to a large portion of the trail.  In one or two places, this was pretty stressful because the trail is very narrow.
This was a nice lookout spot on the river bank.

Snack time!

Ozzy brought this toy truck with us.

Remains of the railroad.

Not exactly sure what this was from -- could be the remains of someone's house?

This is where we turned back.

This is the trailhead.  It is literally just off the Mountain Loop Highway -- there is nothing other than this sign there.  No facilities, no ranger shack, nothing. 

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