Sunday, July 23, 2017

What-What?! Week of July 23rd

Yesterday was the neighbor boy's birthday party, so we headed next door and played with squirt guns, water balloons, and a piñata.  It was a good time.

Otherwise, just summer stuff this week -- playing in the backyard, going to the park, etc.
Bucket head

I had taken the kids to a park early in the week which has a short trail near it.  We found these wild raspberries along a less-traveled portion of the trail.

We now have an official county park down the street from us, so I took our kids and the neighbor's boy to play over there with our new Frisbee.  It's just a big open field right now, so pretty much perfect for what we wanted to do.

It's starting to get pretty cool in the evenings here, so the sweaters are starting to come out again.

Our Frisbee has the most ridiculous spinning fan thing on it.

This method of throwing the Frisbee was actually pretty successful for Osric.

Hanging out by the trees which surround one half of the park.

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