Sunday, August 6, 2017

What-What?! Week of August 6th

This weekend and last weekend we visited Kayak Point, which sits along the coast overlooking the sound.  It's got a nice beach, play ground, and some short trails.  Last weekend when we went, it was super hot and extremely busy; we parked at the top of the hill in the overflow parking and had to walk a ways down the trails to the beach.  We still had a good time.

Yesterday when we went, we came early in the day and brought a picnic lunch.  When we arrived, the tide was very low, so we got to investigate the tide pools.

This was last weekend -- you can see how clear it was.

The trails are very steep.

Yesterday -- there was lots of parking down by the beach, and we even got our own picnic table.


You see how the sky is all grey?  That's not fog -- it's smog.  The air quality has been horrendous here, with winds pushing smoke down from wildfires in Canada, then that air getting trapped.  There's one little valley I drive through everyday going to work, and Thursday you couldn't look across the valley and see the hills on the other side.  I had never seen that before.

The husband climbed to the top of the rope climb-y thing, 'cuz he could.

Eatin' lunch -- hotdogs, chips, and grapes.  We cooked the hotdogs at home and packed them in a cooler to keep warm -- it was a good thing, too, since fires are not allowed right now.

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