Sunday, October 26, 2014

What-What?! Week of October 26th

Oh my goodness, this next week is Saffron's birthday and Halloween.  I'm still working on costumes, gathering up supplies to make a cake, and all that stuff.  At least I've already got her presents wrapped.

News:  Residents, Politicians Worry About Radiation at Local Park via The Seattle PI

Radiation warnings have gone up at a popular Seattle park, and many are worried that the plan to clean up the contamination doesn't go far enough.
Seattle's Magnuson Park is left with dozens of World War II-era buildings that have been saved and repurposed. But the days of the old naval facility also left behind radiation.
Well, this is exciting.  A large park in Seattle was built on top of an old WWII-era military factory complex, which apparently included a radium room for building glow in the dark instrumentation for aircraft.  If there's anything I know about radiation and history, it's that it probably wasn't cleaned up properly.

What makes this particularly troubling is that, while a park may be somewhere you go often, you're not there all the time... except there are people currently living there.  So that's nice.

After doing some additional reading from the Washington State Department of Health, I'm not sure why this is news now; according to the website, this issue has been known since 2009, and cleanup began in 2013.  Did this just become public knowledge?

If so, then I guess that's nice too. D:

How about something a little cuter?  Saffron has her costume most of the way done:
Excuse the giant mess behind her. :P

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