Saturday, June 8, 2013

What-What?! Week of June 9th

This week was pretty uneventful, though my littlest is almost saying “dada” to refer to the husband.  I went ahead and reworked my feedback on World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria into an article for Squidoo.  I’m thinking I may go back through my blog and start doing this with other posts as well; that way, my writing will become more searchable through Google.

I did get a call from one company that I’d applied to.  Applying there turned out to be a horrible mistake.  Normally, before applying, I Google the company to see what comes up.  This time, I had obviously neglected this.  So when I looked up the company to get a quick background before calling them back, I was surprised by the multitude of poor reviews left by employees.  The pay is commission-based, the hours are long, and you’re expected to sell to your family and friends; in other words, exactly what I don’t want to do.  This experience reminds me how crucial Googling is before investing any time into applying for a position.

About a year and a half ago, I made the choice to cut soybean oil out of my household’s diet.  This has been an on-going process, but one of the first foods to go was boxed crackers, as nearly all varieties of commercially made crackers have soybean oil in them.  I’ve found that some varieties of Pepperidge Farms’ graham cracker goldfish are made without it, as well as some of Annie’s cheddar bunnies; these are quite expensive, though, and my kids don’t particularly care for Annie’s brand crackers.

I have had the worst craving for Cheeze-Its, so I made these.  With just 6 ingredients, these crackers go together very quickly, though the hard part is rolling the dough out thin enough.  I only had mozzarella cheese, so I subbed that in, along with about a tablespoon of basil to make some Italian-style cheese crackers.  The kids and I thought these were delicious; next time I plan on making a double batch!

Movie Review:  Rango

My mom checked this out of the library, thought it was very funny, and was excited for my kids to watch it.  In retrospect, I was quite happy that I was able to sit down and watch it with them, rather than letting them watch it with just my parents.  This film is a western, about a lizard that goes on an existential journey, ultimately becoming the hero he so wishes to be.
The Story
I really did not like this film; I feel that, though it was marketed towards kids, isn’t really suitable for them.  The characters are colorful and lively, but the story was weak and not accessible to children.

The PG Rating
This film is rated PG, and one of the things that always surprises me is how some PG rated films are perfectly okay for young children, while some are utterly not appropriate.  Unfortunately, Rango tends towards the inappropriate; I knew it had been rated PG due to language, but it’s not until you get 2/3rds of the way through the film that it crops up, and it was really surprising, given how earlier in the movie, offensive terms are carefully avoided.  Overall, there was a lot of graphic violence; while I am okay with a certain amount of violence, this was too much.  My husband agreed with this.

It’s Been Done Better
The opening scene of this film begins with Rango pretending to be an actor, using inanimate objects as other actors in his play.  It was very similar to the beginning of the film Flushed Away.  Overall, the basic premise of the film (man finding himself, fish out of water, strong heroine working to help her family) is exactly like Flushed Away, just replace lizards with mice.  With the other issues present in the film, this lack of originality becomes unforgivable.
Overall, I give it two out of five stars; if you ever feel like picking up this movie, just go watch Flushed Away instead.  You’ll be better off.

‘Til next week!
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