Sunday, December 7, 2014

What-What?! Week of December 7th

It's December!  How did that happen?

This week, I've been very tired.  Like, falling asleep in front of the computer tired.  The ice finally finished melting on Friday, so we've had about a week's worth of snow and ice.  That's enough of that.  :P

Christmas and Santa Claus Shenanigans

My littlest one has recently been obsessed with Disney's Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas film.  He would (and honestly, sometimes has) watched it every day.  It's a collection of Christmas stories that involve the classic Disney characters.  One of the stories, A Very Goofy Christmas, is about Goofy and his son, Max, and discusses the truth of whether Santa exists or not.  The conclusion of the short is that Santa is, of course, real.  It's kind of a nice discussion about the nature of lying and the sometimes ridiculous things we do to make others happy.  But the whole thing makes me a bit uncomfortable.  My kids believe in Santa Claus.  I contribute directly to this (who tells them Santa is coming? Me.), but I'm not some pro-Santa Christmas tradition thing.  I'm kind of ambivalent about it.

After doing some research, it seems that The Santa Lie is a big deal for some people.  There is one particular gentlemen on the anti-Santa side that has raised some awareness, writing many articles about the possible damage that comes from believing in Santa.  He's actually been published in Psychology Today discussing the issue.  But I keep reading it and I really don't find anything that would motivate me to stop with the Santa business.  As far as I can tell, the evidence that this man has accrued is anecdotal.  Hilariously, in a follow up to the article linked above, he blasts pro-Santa people as not having any scientific evidence to back up their side.  Further, I'm not sold on his qualifications -- he has a PhD in philosophy, not, say, child development, or anything more pertinent.  This becomes apparent in the follow up article, where he uses the example that children should be spoken to in proper English, so that way they grow up to speak proper English; babies actually respond to baby talk better than proper English.  In other words, sometimes there's a place for teaching children differently because they're children.  They'll grow up, and most of them will be okay.

The husband and I do Santa because it's fun.  I'm not concerned that my children will grow up to be gullible, or that they will lose their trust in us.  For now, while they are small, I'm going to enjoy letting them experience the magic of childhood.

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