Sunday, October 23, 2016

What-What?! Week of October 23rd

The name of the game this week is Halloween crafts. :D

Our house is now decorated for Halloween:
The husband and I made gravestones to decorate our front yard, with lovely quotes like "Oops", and "What?", and "Are you still serving breakfast?".

We also bought the kids some Halloween door hangers, which they had a good time coloring.

I only have a picture of Saffron's finished one, though?

Michael's Weekly Kid's Craft

Every week, Michael's does a kids craft event with holiday themed crafts.  We've never gone before, so it was new to us.  This week was yarn ghosts, and the kids also colored pictures of their costumes while they waited for the hot glue gun to warm up:

I love Ozzy's potato people.  So cute!


Corwin's has big BIG teeth.

Osric decided to color blood on the mouth of his ghost, to make it extra-spooky!

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