Sunday, May 3, 2015

What-What?! Week of May 3rd

No, I have not died.

But I have moved house.  Nearly all of it, anyway.  Last weekend, the husband and I spent Friday moving boxes and Saturday moving everything else (with the help of the husband's friend, too).  Sunday, we unpacked a bunch of the kitchen and living room.
The window of the car, all over the ground.  The rest of it was all over the interior of the car.
Monday, our car was broken into while the husband was at work.  The back passenger window was totally broken to pieces, and the car was a big mess.  Luckily, the only things stolen were two small coin pouches, which contained a minimal amount of cash.  Getting the car fixed and dealing with a rental and all that jazz took up almost three entire days.
Whacking things.  Ozzy being grumpy it's not his turn.
Happily, we've had the time to enjoy our new home this weekend.  We have a bigger dining room now, which means that we can have family meals again.  It's been about 11 months since we last all ate at the same table at home.  We've gone out to play in the backyard anytime the weather has been good, and it has been a lot of fun.
Made a cornhole game out of a Costco box.  This was a big hit.
I wanted to talk a little bit about the house we've bought; it was built in the late 60's, and has been renovated at least once in the past.  Unfortunately, the renovations were terrible.  This stuff is the cheapest option, and more so, done poorly.  The poor painting in the bathroom reveals that it was previously an avocado green (it is currently very blue); I know that the medicine cabinet was painted some time before this, because it has green paint drips on the frame.  The shower/tub liner is a multi-part adhesive one (like this), and the adhesive gave up the ghost long ago.  It is now held together with mountains of caulking.  The kitchen has laminate countertops, which sport a giant ugly seam right down the center of the sink.  I stare at that seam while I do the dishes (so ugly).  There's a little 18 inch counter top on the other side of the kitchen, also laminate, but the pattern on that counter doesn't match the others.  Poor little counter, so lonely.  I'm convinced that it was a scrap piece from some other project, reused here for the cost savings.

None of this renders these rooms unusable, or even unpleasant.  But you better believe that I'm changing them... eventually.  Gotta finish unpacking first. :P

Thursday is Ozzy's third birthday, and this year he's old enough to really understand what's going on.  So he's is super excited, and constantly asking for new toys (oh my goodness, the "I wants"!).  Been so busy with everything else that I'm just now starting to plan his cake out, though.  I'm sure he'll have a good day no matter what, though. :)

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