Sunday, January 3, 2016

What-What?! Week of January 3rd

Saffron finally lost her tooth!  It's the teeniest, tiniest little thing.  She was very excited to put it in her tooth pillow, then even more excited to wake up to money the next day.  The husband and I took her out to Target later that day, and she spent her tooth fairy money, along with some other money she'd been saving up, to buy a My Little Pony toy.

I have messed up my shoulder, which has made my week somewhat problematic.  Sitting at the computer aggravates it, so my assumption is that I probably did something computer-related to cause it.  So I've been living on ibuprofen the last few days, though it seems to be getting better since yesterday afternoon.

Toy Review:  Play-Doh Star Wars Toy Sets

When I bought these, I thought they were nifty, but wasn't completely sold on the playability of them.  I've found that Play-Doh toys can be pretty hit or miss in terms of the play quality; we have a garbage truck set, and very rarely does Play-Doh ever touch it (instead, they use Legos, which is arguably not good for the Lego or the truck).  But these have been good buys.

Part of what makes them such a good buy is having the figures be the Play-Doh containers; this makes them sturdy and easy to hold.  Many sets are completely comprised of figures made of Play-Doh, who are floppy, hard to hold, and easily squashed by enthusiastic play.

Another good point is that there are so many accessories to make out of Play-Doh; blasters, droids, binoculars, Jawas, and Ewoks.  You can equip anything with a blaster, or a pair of binocs.  You can have a droid or Jawa or Ewok army.

Overall, these are good toys that keep the kids interested and encourage creative play.  I'll be buying more.

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